Hello and welcome to the website for The Clock.

The Clock is an independent charitable organisation which delivers services to young people and adults across North Yorkshire.

Services include:

  • Support
  • Activities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • TLC

The Clock’s Vision

Everyone feels part of the community.

Our Mission

To support people in North Yorkshire to engage with and contribute to their community


Social objectives

To increase employability

To improve social inclusion

To improve wellbeing



Provide support

Deliver social activities

Provide learning opportunities

Offer TLC




What you can expect from us

Respect from all members

The right of all members to be listened to and have their views acknowledged

Recognition to confidentiality within safeguarding guidelines

To support the empowerment of all members, enhance their rights and encourage their responsibilities.

Respect their values.

Staff will only use appropriate language and behaviour.

Impartial information, advice and guidance

To run the organisation in a safe way



What we expect from you


Respect to all staff and members.

Respect to the residents of St James Green.

Follow the code of conduct.

Take care of Thirsk clock’s resources.

Help to keep Thirsk Clock a safe place.

Do not abuse equipment or resources.

Refrain from any forms of sexual behaviour.

Refrain from any forms of physically abusive behaviour.

Refrain from threatening or bullying behaviour.

Refrain from any dangerous or unsafe behaviour.

Do not use derogatory comments to anyone.

Do not enter the building under the influence of alcohol.

No swearing or thoughtless/ inappropriate behaviour


We hope that you will be satisfied with the services we offer, however we welcome any suggestions. If you are unhappy with the service we deliver then please follow our grievance policy, which is available on our welcome board at the entrance of the building.










The Clock - Thirsk

Church Hall
St James Green
North Yorkshire

Tel: 01845 524 494
E-mail: info@theclock.org

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