Annual Survey 2017 Results

The Clock’s staff are always keen to improve the way our services are promoted and delivered. This year we surveyed our members to monitor our performance and find any weaknesses that we could improve upon. The responses below are from 87 young people and adults ( 48% male, 52% female) who use the building regularly.


How we promote The Clock and communicate with our members and supporters.

Since The Clock’s website was improved in 2016, we have seen a rise in people accessing it for information. Last year 62% of our members regularly visited the website, however, the figures from this year’s survey show a jump to 79.3% using the website and agreeing that it provides them with all of the information they need.

The trend in turning to online platforms continues with 86% of members (an increase of 13% from last year) using Facebook and Twitter to search for information.

Although, there has been an uptake in information being accessed online, we still promote our services via posters as a large percentage of people still appreciate this form of communication. Notices and posters were acknowledged as being a good source of information for 76% of members living in the locality.

We were also interested to find out from our members how well known The Clock was within their wider social network. 97% of people asked stated that that friends and family know about The Clock and the work we do. 95% also agreed that other people who live nearby them know about the services The Clock offers. It is really encouraging that a growing number of people in the wider community have heard about The Clock and even more so that 100% of members agreed that they recognise The Clock uniform and know that they can approach anyone wearing it.

One area of improvement for The Clock seems to be making our younger members in particular aware of ALL the services The Clock offers as 15% stated that that they didn’t know about the services we provide.


How we support the people we work with

The next section addresses our members experiences and how supported they feel. Overall a high percentage agrees that their experience has been very positive. 94% feel that The Clock’s staff are helpful and quick to respond, with 98% agreeing that staff have a good understanding of issues that could affect them. The Clock works hard at creating a friendly and supportive environment and 99% of our service users agree that we achieve this.

96% of those surveyed would recognise our distinctive  uniform, the same number agreed that they felt confident approaching staff wearing the uniform  if they required information or support; additionally 78% of people said that the staff gave them all of the information that they sought.


How our services benefit members

When asked if The Clock provided relevant and appropriate services, 13% didn’t provide an answer, however, 85% responded in agreement.

91% agreed that our opening hours were good and 94% feel that The Clock offers activities that they wouldn’t usually be able to access. 100% of those questioned believed they had learnt something new since coming to The Clock and 92% have tried something new.

The Clock’s Vision is that ‘Everyone feels part of their community’ and our Mission is ’to support people in North Yorkshire to engage with and contribute to their community’. It is encouraging to hear that 91% feel that being a member of The Clock gives them the opportunity to play an active role in the community and 90% consider that they are encouraged to have a say in what activities The Clock offers. We are looking to increase engagement and participation even more by providing consultation points for members to voice their thoughts.  Our aims then would be to follow this up with prompt feedback via, ‘You asked, we did’ notice board both within The Clock and on our website.

We also put the question to our members as to whether The Clock has made them feel more positive about themselves and life: 7% chose not to answer the question, though 93% did, the majority strongly agreeing that The Clock had made a positive difference. The same 93% also agreed that they would recommend The Clock to others.


How our staff perform

As a part of the survey we asked our users some questions about our staff performance, including their own support worker, although not all of our users have allocated support workers. Last year’s annual survey results showed that we had some improvements to concentrate on.

This year’s annual paints a different picture, showing that we have improved in every respect. When asked if their support worker was always on time and prepared for a session 94% agreed that they were always prepared, compared with 83%  last year.

This year, 95% of survey participants agreed that their support worker was always dressed in their uniform and was well presented, a further rise in 11%.

93% agreed that their support worker was knowledgeable and provided the information that was requested (last year figures showed 85% agreed with this statement). 94% of members concurred that during these sessions; their worker was non-judgmental and conducted themselves in a professional manner as opposed to 88% in 2016).

The Clock always seeks to utilise the space we have available in the best way possible for our members; 95% of participants agreed that the session took place in an appropriate location;

95% of service users thought that their worker understood their needs and requirements and 94% felt that staff structured sessions well, whilst at the same time were flexible enough to make changes to suit member’s needs.

The Clock always seek to provide a warm and friendly welcome to everyone we come in contact with and it was pleasing to see that not one of the participants surveyed disagreed with the statement “I am always made to feel welcome by staff; the same number of people also agreed that staff were easy to contact.


How we promote safety and wellbeing

When asked if members felt safe whilst attending The Clock 90% agreed that they did, whilst 100% said that they knew what to do, and who to talk to if they didn’t feel safe or equally if they were worried about someone else’s well-being.

The rules and regulations that ensured health and safety were familiar to 94% of the users surveyed. 93% of members said that they were aware that they may not attend The Clock if they had been taking drugs or were under the influence of alcohol, a significant rise of 23% compared to last year’s responses. In fact all of the questions we put before our members show an increased awareness around health, safety and well-being compared to 2016.

95% said that they were always respectful to the needs and feelings of others, and that they may differ from their own, (5% of members chose not to answer this question). 94% were aware of the harmful effects that bullying and harassment could have on others, in comparison to 88% last year.

This year we added 2 new questions to our annual survey; 84% of members responded that they have things they are presently worried about and 86% admitted to being worried about the future.

We also wanted to know what brought people to The Clock; the following diagram below shows the reasons given. The results of the Annual Survey indicate that The Clock is meeting its social objectives which include improving social inclusion, improving well-being and increasing employability as evidenced by our members responses.

Lastly we asked our users what kind of services they would like to know The Clock offered in case either they or someone they knew needed them in the future. The results can be seen below:





  • Careers Advice


  • Team Building


  • University Applications


  • Youth Clubs (under 11’s)


  • English &Maths Skills/Qualifications


  • Youth Clubs (over 11’s)


  • Youth Work Training


  • School Holiday Activities


  • IT Skills/Qualifications


  • Café


  • First Aid Courses


  • Use of computers/internet


  • Staying Safe Online


  •  Sports/Exercise


  • DIY Skills




  • Homework clubs












  • Housing Advice


  • Work Experience placements


  • Homelessness


  • Job Search


  • Food bank


  • CV Writing


  • Furniture Recycling


  • Business Start Up


  • Information, Advice, Guidance


  • Volunteering


  • 1-2-1 Support




  • Mentoring


Physical and Emotional Health


  • Anti-Bullying


  • Counselling


  • Young Parents


  • Anger Management


  • Family Mediation


  • Sexual Health


  • Drug and Alcohol


  • Healthy Cooking/Eating


  • Parent/Carer Support


  • Mental Health


  • Life Skills


  • Bereavement



Partnership Working

In addition to seeking crucial feedback from our services users so that we can continually improve services, The Clock also seeks the views of partner organisations. We are delighted to hear that our partners have such a positive experience of joint working The Clock as evidenced from the results of our annual Partners Survey.

100% of those survey rated The Clock as ‘excellent’ on the following points regarding our staff team:

  • Timeliness of staff communication
  • Partnership working
  • Dealing positively and effectively with queries
  • Regarding the services we provide 100% of partners again rated us excellent on the following criteria;
  • Quality of information
  • Specialist expertise
  • Value of service
  • Quality and effectiveness of service

In terms of our partners views on the range of services The Clock provides, 50% answered ‘excellent’ and 50% answered ‘good.’

We also asked for opinions regarding referrals made to The Clock; 100% of responses viewed our work in this area as ‘excellent’. Our partners agreed that The Clock deals positively and efficiently with any referral queries and works within timescales. 100% also rated our record of successful outcomes as ‘excellent’.

Lastly we asked partners their view on The Clock’s building; 50% rated our opening times and resources available as excellent and 50% agreed that they were ‘good’.

All of our partners, when asked to comment on how they feel The Clock contributes to The communities it work in replied with answers such as; “very good and “very effective”

Final words

As we come to the end of The Clock’s Annual Survey results for 2017, it is apt to let our members have the final say and highlight some of their comments:

“The Clock provides me with all the things I need and is very helpful”

“The Clock could add more staff to the Youth clubs and have more to do”

“The Clock is a good place where young people can attend on a night and ‘stay out of trouble’

“Use of computers and internet access is vital. The Clock provide me the access (just wish I could get more hours/days)” 

“I thank The Clock for past help"

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