Annual Survey 2018 Results

The Clock’s Annual Survey 2018


The Clock’s staff are always keen to improve the way our services are promoted and delivered. This year we surveyed our members to monitor our performance and find any weaknesses that we could improve upon. The responses below are from 73 young people and adults (43% male, 57% female) who use The Clock’s services regularly.



The completed forms show a higher than usual percentage of service users who either didn’t answer all of the questions or who responded with the ‘doesn’t apply to me’ option. The reasons for this may be due to the age groups of our services users, for example younger members (9-11) wouldn’t use social media or be able to answer questions relating to training/employment/financial wellbeing etc. Additionally we have adult users of the building who may access a service such as ‘Primetime’ (low impact sports) only and therefore feel that the wide range of questions we ask about our whole service are not applicable. The survey responses also indicate that the 2 main reasons our members access The Clock are to access social opportunities and gain support via Drop Ins or on a 1-2-1 basis.


How we promote The Clock and communicate with our members and supporters

The Clock communicates in various forms to its members and the wider community. Our website and social media platforms are very popular which is evidenced by the large number of followers we have, people who interact with posts and emails and messages we receive via these mediums.

Last year 79.3% of our members regularly visited the website, however, the figures from this year’s survey show that 53.3% really agree and 46.7% agree that The Clock’s website provides them with all the information that they need, equating to 100% satisfaction overall.

Similarly, 100% of service users who responded to our question relating to the information we provide via Facebook and Twitter agree that it provides them with all the information they need, which again shows another increase in our members experience.

However, the annual survey shows that there are a significant number of our members who did not feel that these questions were applicable to them and therefore did not provide a response that either agreed or disagreed. Further investigation into this reveals that these individuals are not necessarily those who use technology to access information. Again as mentioned, this may be due to the age group but also because some of our adult clients are not big users of technology and social media and may lack skills and confidence to do so.

When asked about posters we display in and around The Clock, 96.5% agreed positively that they provided them with all the information that they required. This question provided more responses from our service users with many more indicating that this way of providing information was more applicable to them.

We were also interested to find out from our members how well known The Clock was within their wider social network. 97% of people asked stated that that friends and family know about The Clock and the work we do. 87% also agreed that other people who live nearby them know about the services The Clock offers. It is really encouraging that a large number of people in the wider community have heard about The Clock and that the majority of our members 97% agreed that they recognise The Clock uniform and know that they can approach anyone wearing it.

In comparison to last year’s survey results The Clock has improved at making our members aware of ALL the services The Clock offers. This year only 13.6% of service users compared with 15% last year stated that that they didn’t know about the services we provide.


How we support the people we work with

The next section addresses our members experiences and how supported they feel. Overall a high percentage agree that their experience has been very positive. 100% feel that The Clock’s staff are helpful and quick to respond, a rise of last year’s results of 94%. Additionally, 100% of service users find The Clock’s staff to be friendly and supportive, contributing to a positive atmosphere within The Clock. The Clock works hard at providing a welcoming, supportive environment and it is particularly pleasing to hear that our members agree that we have achieved this.

The Clock also ensures through training and professional development that staff are well versed in offering support and providing Information, Advice and Guidance when working with service users and as a result 98.6% of members agree that staff have a good understanding of issues that could affect them.

97.1%, (an increase from last year) of those surveyed would recognise our distinctive uniform; the same number agreed that they felt confident approaching staff wearing the uniform if they required information or support. It is also wonderful news that 100% of people (a 22% increase from last year) said that our knowledgeable staff gave them all of the information that they sought.


How our services benefit members

Last year, when asked if The Clock provided relevant and appropriate services, 85% responded in agreement, however, this year 98.6% of those surveyed agreed the services we provide are right for them.

98.4% agreed that our opening hours were good, a 7.3% rise from last year and 88.5% feel that The Clock offers activities that they wouldn’t usually be able to access. 95.1% of users also feel that they have are encouraged to have a say in what The Clock offers and therefore feel that they are involved in shaping the activities

We also wanted to know what brought people to The Clock; the following diagram below shows the reasons given.

Reasons for attending The Clock



The results of the Annual Survey indicate that The Clock is meeting its social objectives which include increasing social inclusion, increasing community resilience, improving well-being and increasing economic prosperity. This year we put some new questions to our members to see   how being a member of The Clock had helped them. The results below show the percentage of members who agreed with the following statements:


I have made and kept friends



My confidence and self-esteem has improved



I feel less stressed and anxious



I am managing things better in my life



I feel I belong to a community



I have learnt new things or have participated in activities that make my life healthier


My physical activity has increased


I have been better able to afford or access food/transport/furniture etc


I have gained new skills/qualifications that can help me now or in the future when looking for employment


I have gained work experience that I feel will be valuable to employers


I have accessed employment, training, further/higher education or volunteering


I have learnt new skills and/or improved existing skills


I have taken part in a new activity or started a new interest/hobby


I have looked for ways I can volunteer or have started


The above figures have now given The Clock a baseline to work from and seek ways of how we can improve, especially in our lowest ranking area of improving physical health and activity.


How our staff perform

As a part of the survey we asked our users some questions about our staff performance, including their own support worker, although not all of our users have allocated support workers. The results show the upward trend of our performance improving year after year.

When asked if their support worker was always on time and prepared for a session 100% agreed that they were always prepared, compared with 94% last year.

This year, 100% of survey participants agreed that their support worker was always dressed in their uniform and was well presented, a further rise in 5%.

100% agreed that their support worker was knowledgeable and provided the information that was requested. 100% of members concurred that during these sessions; their worker was non-judgmental and conducted themselves in a professional manner as opposed to 94% in 2017).

The Clock always seeks to utilise the space we have available in the best way possible for our members; 98.6% of participants agreed that the session took place in an appropriate location;

98.6% of service users thought that their worker understood their needs and requirements, a rise of 3.6% from last year and 98.5% (another rise of 4.5%) felt that staff structured sessions well, whilst at the same time were flexible enough to make changes to suit member’s needs.

The Clock deem it important to provide a warm and friendly welcome to everyone we come in contact with and it was pleasing to see that not one of the participants surveyed disagreed with the statement “I am always made to feel welcome by staff”.

There appears to be a slight fall in members feeling that staff are easy to contact, last year 100% of remembers agreed with this statement compared to 94% this year.


How we promote safety and wellbeing

When asked if members felt safe whilst attending The Clock 100% of those who answered the question agreed that they did and only 3% of our service users disagreed that they knew what to do and who to talk to if they didn’t feel safe about their own or somebody else’s well-being.

The rules and regulations that ensure health and safety were familiar to 100% of the users surveyed.100% of members said that they were aware that they may not attend The Clock if they had been taking drugs or were under the influence of alcohol, a further rise of 9% from last year’s survey compared to last year’s responses. The growing trend appears to be that in the course of the last 2 years our members have a significant overall increased awareness around health, safety and well-being.

100% said that they were always respectful to the needs and feelings of others and that they may differ from their own; evidencing that our members understand the importance of appreciating difference and diversity. 97% were aware of the harmful effects that bullying and harassment could have on others, in comparison to 94% last year.

Last year we added 2 new questions to our annual survey, asking members about their worries and concerns. This year 43.5% of members responded that they have things they are presently worried about and 56% admitted to being worried about the future; a drop of 40.5% and 30% respectively.

Lastly we asked our users what kind of services they would like to know The Clock offered in case either they or someone they knew needed them in the future. The results can be seen below with services highlighted in red being the most wanted:





  • Careers Advice


  • Team Building


  • University Applications


  • Youth Clubs (under 11’s)


  • English &Maths Skills/Qualifications


  • Youth Clubs (over 11’s)


  • Youth Work Training


  • School Holiday Activities


  • IT Skills/Qualifications


  • Café


  • First Aid Courses


  • Use of computers/internet


  • Staying Safe Online


  •  Sports/Exercise


  • DIY Skills




  • Homework clubs












  • Housing Advice


  • Work Experience placements


  • Homelessness


  • Job Search


  • Food bank


  • CV Writing


  • Furniture Recycling


  • Business Start Up


  • Information, Advice, Guidance


  • Volunteering


  • 1-2-1 Support




  • Mentoring


Physical and Emotional Health


  • Anti-Bullying


  • Counselling


  • Young Parents


  • Anger Management


  • Family Mediation


  • Sexual Health


  • Drug and Alcohol


  • Healthy Cooking/Eating


  • Parent/Carer Support


  • Mental Health


  • Life Skills


  • Bereavement




Final words

As we come to the end of The Clock’s Annual Survey results for 2018, it is apt to let our members have the final say and highlight some of their comments:


I First Got Involved with The Clock when:

“I was at the end of my tether regarding Universal Credit and depression”

“My friends told me about it”

“When a member of staff took me here”

“The jobcentre asked me to come”

“ To support a friend”

“When I lost my job and split up with my partner”

“When my mum died”


Being Part of The Clock Means:

“I can make new friends and have fun”

“A lot to me as I have a place I can belong where people understand me”

“To me, it’s a family that helps”

“Being part of a community”

“Always knowing someone is there when I need advice”

To have fun, learn stuff and talk to someone”

Everything to me. They’re very helpful and understanding and most importantly don’t discriminate””

“I look forward to the visits. Andy has helped me in understanding the workings of a computer. Meeting people of all ages and health and Motability difficulties – there is always something going on that will interest someone”

“I have the support I need to help me with school”

“That I don’t just have to stay at home”


My Personal Message to The Clock

Thank you. You are valuable to me and many others whose needs are so much more complex than mine”

“Thank you for giving the opportunity to the least fortunate”

“To keep on doing what they do best – almost everything”

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