Voices of The Clock - Impact story - From Unemployed to Employed

**Theme of the month** - Careers & Employment Support**

Hear how receiving support from The Clock has impacted our service users


D is an adult who contacted The Clock and requested support after finding himself out of work. He had previously worked as a brick layer however his employer had gone out of business. D felt that due to his age and the physical demands of the job he could no longer look for work as a brick layer but was unsure what other options were suitable.


Clock staff identified the following barriers to D finding employment:

1. A lack of computer skills, which made it difficult for D to keep up with the demands of the job centre in accessing Universal Credit. 
2. A concern that the only jobs he could get might be ones that he would physically struggle with


Clock staff signed D up to community grants and he attended our twice weekly drop in service. During sessions staff focused on developing D's I. T skills by familiarising him with computers particularly the Universal Credit website and Job search websites. D also received support to improve and update his C.V . Due to Universal Credit taking time before he received any payment he also requested support from our food bank which we provided.

Approximately a month later D successfully started work as a Production Operative, a position that D had applied for via The Clock's Drop-In sessions

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